About Me

My name is Hannah Bruders and I recently moved to Texas, which is fascinatingly similar to and yet different from my old home in the MidWest, where I grew up.

I'm the oldest of seven children and my family is amazing. I have always admired my parents, who are awesome, for retaining their sanity and joy through mine and my sibling's various childhoods. 

I'm a voraciously curious individual, with a love for fairy tales, fantasy, and detailed well thought out fictional settings. I also spend a great deal of my time researching, jumping from field to field of study as my curiosity takes me, and always looking for the connections that link ideas and reality to each other.

My Vision


I first had the idea for this website in late 2019, inspired by my readings into economics and the problems that could face centralized systems. It percolated in the back of my mind, but it had always been nothing more than a nice idea.  That changed when the pandemic hit and the United States locked down. This website is the result.​

My goal is to give people a place to find their local farmers and buy directly from them, and to create alternate supply chains that can feed people when other avenues are cut off.

My vision for this site is one where every farmer, butcher, and rancher in the country can connect with their customers, answer their questions, and sell their goods directly. Where amateur gardeners can brag in the forums about their latest tomato crop and compare planting notes with other gardeners and farmers. Where blog posts can inspire people to learn and build new things of their own. 

For a community to grow and thrive.

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